Always Read The Directions

I don't care whether you're buying a tube of caulking, or assembling a spaceship, it's never been a bad idea, to read the directions. Obviously if you go down and buy a piece of lumber, you're not going to have any assembly directions and the lumber yard doesn't really care what you do with this piece of wood, after you have purchased it.

But there are some things that have directions on them and I would like to suggest, to you personally, that you always read the directions. Some products aren't made, to be used in certain situations. Let's take a tube of silicone caulking for example. You might not even realize that some silicone caulking isn't paintable. Some of them are, if you would've read the directions, you wouldn't have any problems, painting over the caulking that doesn't seem to let the paint stick to it, very good.

Let's say that you're assembling a barbecue, you don't read the directions, and you have about 150 parts left over. Do you think that you assembled it properly and is it going to be safe? You're dealing with gas or propane, do you think it would be a good idea, especially if you're trying to live to a ripe old age, to have assembled the barbecue properly.

I don't really care what you're doing, you probably got the time to read the directions. If you don't have the time to read the directions immediately, make sure that you read them later, just to make sure that you have used their product correctly.

Don't forget, some products can not be used in the rain, high temperatures, humid environments, underwater, above ground and anywhere else, that the manufacturer is telling you in the directions, that it cannot be used.

I myself have learned a lot, from simply reading the directions and I would suggest that you start making a habit of it also.