Always Listen To Your Water Damage Contractor

If you're a contractor or a homeowner who has hired contractors, there's a good chance that you will be able to relate to the things that you're about to hear. Every once in a while, people make mistakes, but making them right is the difference between good contractors and bad ones.

A water damage contractor gets called during the middle of the night to respond to a water leak and he arrives within 25 minutes to shut the water off and stop the water damage. It's in the middle of the night, so the contractor works for a couple of hours and gets most of the water out of the carpeting, before going home to get some rest and come back later that day.

The water damage contractor explained to the homeowner that he would need to remove some of the drywall that was damaged by the water leak. The homeowner refused and actually got upset at the water damage contractor. “ You don't need to do any more work then you have to,” said the homeowner.

The water damage contractor wasn't a very aggressive person but the homeowner definitely was. If you could imagine a homeowner built like a football player, yelling at a child, you would get a pretty good idea, about what was actually happening.

The water damage contractor finished cleaning what he could and treating the carpeting, gave the homeowner his bill and left. This is the important part of the story that you need to remember. A professional water damage contractor gave the homeowner some great advice, but the homeowner refused to accept it.

Within a few months the water damage contractor got another phone call from this hysterical homeowner. Stating that he had been ripped off and the contractor took advantage of him. The mold was growing on the walls that the contractor needed to remove and dry out. It was a good thing that the homeowner remembered the conversation, calmed down and apologized to the contractor.

I don't know how many people think that contractors are trying to take advantage of them, but the least you could do is listen to them every once in awhile. They just might be right. When it comes to water damage, you should pay attention to your emergency repair contractor.