Don't Mix Alcohol With Construction Labor

When I first started working in the construction business, in 1978 it seemed like everyone drank alcohol on the job. These people seem to function pretty good, even though some of them were definitely under the influence of alcohol.

When I look back at all the people that I knew, who had problems with alcohol and worked in the construction industry, I can't honestly say that there was any accidents that were alcohol related. There were plenty of people that didn't show up the next day or showed up late, because they tied one on the night before, but I don't remember an accident that was caused directly from the use of alcohol.

Make no mistake, alcohol doesn't mix well in the construction business unless you're talking to your friend about construction while you're watching TV and you're not planning on going anywhere. This seems to be about the extent of our alcohol and construction co-mingling with very little problems.

This was just my experience, but the reality is totally different. There are plenty of people who get hurt and killed each year because of alcohol. Some of these people get severely injured and some of them even die and it's really not worth it.

If you know anyone who drinks or abuses alcohol while working in the construction business, you should immediately quit working with them. These people aren't just a danger to themselves, they're also a danger to anyone that they work with.

Just because someone can drink alcohol and work, doesn't mean that their lack of judgment should be shared with others. Alcohol and construction don't mix and never will.