Advice For Repairing Wood Damaged Structural Beams

Here's the best advice I can give anyone who is thinking about replacing a wood damaged structural beam that is holding up a large section of your home. Hire a professional contractor or get someone with the proper experience or you could find yourself, contacting your insurance company.

Both your homeowners and your life insurance, don't mess around with structural beams that are supporting the second floor on a two-story home or support beams for your roof.

I have replaced wood damaged structural beams that even the most trained professionals, won't even attempt to replaced, because there's too much involved and too much at risk. I'm not going to lie to you, even I was afraid to be working under the house, while replacing some of these old beam with a new one.

Now I'm not talking about a simple patio beam, I'm talking about wood damaged structural beams, these are located, inside of your floor and buried underneath roof rafters. These beams are usually hard to get to and could require damaging other sections of the house, simply to remove and replace them.

Some of the beams are located in the floor and are actually holding up heavy sections of the roof. If you're lacking the experience or don't understand, exactly how these structural components work and transfer the weight of the roof, from one post, to a large beam in the floor and then to another post again, as the weight works its way down to your foundation. Don't even think about attempting to tackle a project like this.

Some jobs shouldn't be tackled by do-it-yourselfers, this is one of those jobs.