Advancements In Building Safety

If we were to go back 100 years ago, back to the early 1900s, we would find that there wasn't much in the way of building safety or even building codes. A long time ago, building and safety wasn't a big concern to most cities and would have probably been a big burden to any construction company.

Today things are a little bit different as building contractors understand the reasons why we have building and safety departments. Things like smoke detectors, fire egress windows, minimum widths for hallways, stairways and bedrooms have become standard practices, in the building industry.

Anyone who's been in the building and remodeling business for as long as I have understands the importance of almost every building code that's enforced today. When I first started working in 1978, there was very little insulation going into most homes and smoke detectors weren't required.

It wasn't that long ago, but the building and safety codes have changed drastically as more solutions were required to solve safety problems. Advancements in building safety are usually the direct result of injuries and deaths in homes, shopping malls, places we work and even Disneyland.

If people are dying or getting injured and there is any way that we can avoid it, you can plan on building code changes and updates. The Building and Safety Department saves lives, but rarely gets the credit as policeman and firemen rush to the rescue. Thanks for all of you out there who makes it possible for firemen and policemen to enter a burning building and save more lives.