Advancements In Basement Waterproofing

If you live in a home that was built before the 1970s and live in an area where it rains or snows often, there is a very good chance that you'll have a problem with your basement waterproofing system. There have been great advancements in basement waterproofing since then and I would like to share a few of them with you.

A long time ago, the foundation in the basement to the home would be built, without any knowledge of the problems that they were about to encounter. Contractors a long time ago thought that by pouring a solid concrete wall, water wouldn't go through it. That wasn't the case and eventually as these old basements began to suffer from water damage, new advanced construction methods needed to be found.

Basement contractors soon learned, that it was best to install a drainage system around the exterior perimeter at the base of the foundation walls. Then they would back fill these areas carefully with large gravel rocks. This worked good for a few years, until the dirt that seeped through the gravel rock, slowly started to block and fill the drainage pipes. Eventually the dirt clogged drainage pipes would stop functioning and would need to be replaced.

Now here's what they're doing today, could this be a problem in the future, I'm sure that it will be, but basement contractors are doing the best with what they got and it seem to be going in the right direction.

For quite some time now contractors have been covering the drainage pipes with a cloth material that allows water to enter the drainage pipes but prevents the dirt particles from entering and then clogging the drain pipes. This system seems to work pretty good and is also used for retaining walls today.

Well, that's where they're at today, and I hope that you now have a better idea of how your basement foundation walls work to keep water out of your basement.