5 Stupid Things Contractors Say When They're Mad

I've been in the construction business for quite some time now and have witnessed plenty of contractors say things that they regret later on, simply because they were upset at someone else. Here's five stupid things contractors say when they're mad.

1. I Quit! Most contractors have a binding and legal contract with the people their working for, and yet their first response when they get mad is that they're going to quit and this usually doesn't solve the problem at hand.

2. I will never work for you again! This usually happens about the time that the homeowner or client pushes the contractor over the edge and they've had enough. I have even said this myself, only to find myself working for that person again in the future.

3. If you don't pay me today I will... you can fill in the blank. How many times has a contractor threatened someone, simply because they are holding back the money or refusing to pay them?

4. You're fired! I don't know how many times I have seen a contractor fire someone over something stupid. This usually becomes a bigger problem, when the contractor is behind schedule or in desperate need of workers.

5. Last but not least, one of the worst things that a contractor can do when they're mad is to make up an excuse for something that they or someone else did or didn't do. I have seen more excuses made by contractors for being late, hiring inexperienced workers, finances, time management, construction schedules, building material failures and even some stuff that's important.

If you're interested in avoiding some of these problems that stupid contractors make, then make sure that you have as much information as possible in your construction contracts and try to only work for people that you truly get along with.


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