10 Ways Contractors Can Make Their Clients Mad Without Even Knowing It

If you've been in business as long as I have, you probably said things to your clients that either weren't taken the way they were meant to be or said something to them that was out of line. Here's 10 ways a contractor can make their clients mad without even knowing it.

1. You shouldn't make any racial jokes or statements. You never know who you're going to offend.

2. Avoid statements that might be aggressive or threatening. This could be a big problem, if you're working with submissive and gentle client.

3. If their home isn't clean, it's not your job to make statements to them or under your breath about their cleanliness.

4. Try to avoid talking to teenagers. This doesn't look good, especially if you're a man talking to a teenage girl.

5. Get rid of the macho man attitude. I don't know how many contractors offend men and women both with this type of attitude.

6. There is no need to flirt with the opposite sex. This is probably the worst thing that any contractor could do.

7. Don't talk to your clients about religion or politics. If you see Christian paintings on the wall and you're an atheist, maybe you should keep your opinions to yourself.

8. You should always dress well. You’re not going to offend anyone by dressing nice, but you could easily offend someone by dressing in dirty or damaged clothing.

9. You shouldn't leave a mess or tools lying around the house. Keep the job site as clean as possible. A messy job site is a safety hazard for you and the homeowner.

10. Last but not least, wear deodorant if you need it. A smelly contractor usually gives off an extremely horrible odor that most people find offensive and I'm sure that your clients will also.

I hope you enjoyed this list and if you're a contractor, there’s a good chance that you have done at least one of the things on it. I suggest that you change your ways, if you're still doing any of the things you have just read.