Working For Your Church - Christian Contractors

One of the best things you could do for your construction company is work for your church. If you belong to a large church, you might not ever have to advertise again. What I'm about to share with Christian contractors can also be applied to other organizations. Don't limit your thinking, because the possibilities here are endless.

I knew a guy who only worked or members of his church. He had more work than he knew what to do with and the people at his church loved him. I could see why, because I helped him work on his church one time and he really was an excellent home builder and businessman.

Again, you can apply this to any organization. Don't limit yourself to one way of doing business. There is more ways to make money than you could ever imagine and if you're starting a new business and you belong to a church, you could find yourself in Heaven sooner than you think.

Establish yourself as an honest and upstanding person with in your church. Be sincere, because most people can tell whether or not you're just being friendly to make money. If that's what you think this article is about, you're wasting your time. Honesty is the best policy in any business, including construction.

Join Bible study groups, fellowship programs and anything else that you're interested in that will put you in a position to introduce yourself to other church members. The key to expanding your business is referrals and your referrals aren't just going to be limited to your church or their members.

It won't be long, before you find yourself working for a church member, who turns out to be a referral slot machine, recommending you to everyone they know.