Save $380 Off Your Next Home Inspection

If you're interested in saving money, a home inspection checklist would be perfect for you. If you don't feel comfortable doing your own home inspections, you could always use the checklist for pre-home inspections. In other words, you would only use the home inspection checklist for homes that you're seriously consider purchasing.

I've been using checklists for years and most home inspectors use checklists for every inspection. If you had their list, couldn't you do your own home inspection or do you think that you need 20 years experience in the construction industry.

I'm here to share something with you, something that most people really don't take the time to learn about. Could you imagine using a home inspector with out any experience building or repairing homes? What about a home inspector with very little experience?

Well, the next time you hire a home inspector, ask them how much experience they have repairing, remodeling, building or even doing simple home improvements. Trust me, I've met some of these guys and seen some of their reports. I had one report, where the home inspector missed more things than he found.

With a good home inspection checklist, you could do your own home inspections and save hundreds of dollars. Home inspectors usually charge around $400 for one home inspection. If you could find a home inspection checklist for under $20, you would save $380. What are you waiting for, $20 invested in a $100,000 house, you do the math.