The One Million-Dollar Client - Construction Business

I'm going to share a story with you today about someone working in the construction business. This contractor wasn't any different than you and me and didn't really have any special skills that were out of the ordinary. He had a high school education, read the newspaper every day but rarely read any books. Tom's business skills were nothing to write home about either, but he landed a million-dollar client that changed his life forever.

He was about 25 years old when he met a real estate professional named Brian on his way up. Brian told him that he was going to make a lot of money in the real estate business and Tom could do all of the remodeling work for him. Brian needed someone he could trust and Tom was going to be that person.

Brian made a lot of money in real estate and sent a lots of business Tom's way, but that wasn't the kicker. Brian ended up starting another business that made him a multimillionaire with in five years. It wasn't the money that Brian made and it wasn't really the work that Brian sent Tom that was going to make Brian into a million dollar client.

It was the people that Brian met, once he became a multimillionaire. Brian recommended his friend Tom to plenty of other multimillionaires. The fact that Brian thought so highly of his remodeling contractor, presold most of his friends, before Tom ever arrived at their homes.

You never know what's going to happen in the construction business, but you need to be ready for it when it does. Tom could have easily told Brian that he was too busy many years ago and his life would have been a lot different. Sometimes opportunity only knocks once and you better be paying attention, when they're standing at your door knocking.