How Much Money Can I Save? - Simple Home Repairs

If you're really interested in saving money, you need to learn how to do your own home repairs. I don't know how many times I go to someone's home to fix something simple and the homeowner says,” I could've done that myself.” I just paid you a couple of hundred dollars to do something simple. It just doesn't make any sense, why more people don't do their own home repairs.

A little while ago, I repaired a damaged wood post that was holding up the front porch. I was only there for three hours, but the homeowner didn't see the amount of time that it took me to go down to the lumber yard and then paint the wood post. All he saw was the three hours I spent on the job and the amount of money that he paid for the home repair.

When the homeowner gave me the check, he thanked me and I went on my way. I could tell what was going through his mind, he was thinking about how much money he could've saved by doing at home repair himself. I run into this often and tell my clients the same thing. You could have done that yourself, if you actually knew how to make the repairs.

Here are some simple home repairs that most homeowners should be able to do on their own. Exterior wood damage like siding and wood trim replacement. Interior wall damage, faucet water leaks, tile floor repairs, paint preparation and painting, caulking cracks and filling in holes and replacing door knobs. There are plenty of other simple home repairs that homeowners can do on their own with a little help from their library.

If you don't know anything about a home repair that needs to be done in your house, check out a few books from your local library or visit your online bookstores for more information.