How Big Of A Storage Shed Do I Need? Professional Advice

Every once in a while someone e-mails me with a question that seems obvious and easy to answer, but this one isn't that easy. How big of a storage shed do I really need? It doesn't really matter how you answer this question, because the storage shed isn't going to be big enough.

People, who store things, are constantly looking for more places to store more things. If you haven't used something in two years, you should seriously consider getting rid of it. That's a simple rule that is easy to follow, but people who store things, don't think this way.

My mother-in-law is a collector and could probably remove everything from her house and open up a large consignment store. She has things that I've never even seen, as a matter of fact I'm not even allowed to go into her home. Hard to imagine that someone could have accumulated that much stuff in one lifetime, but she did it and she's proud of it.

Let's get back to our original question, how big of a storage shed do I need? If you think that a 12' x 12' storage shed will do, but you've got enough room and money to build a 16' x 16' storage shed, do it. All the years I've been contracting, I've only seen two storage sheds that weren't completely packed and I mean stuffed full of items.

If you can build it, someone will fill it up is my motto. Think twice, before assuming that a smaller shed is going to provide you with enough room for more stuff in the future.